:: Sajus BPM Suite 6.1

:: Sajus BPM Suite 6.1

Sajus BPM Suite 6.1 is the leading goal-based Business Process Management solution. It identifies all the reasons that you cannot run your business the way you need to, and gives you the optimal solution for each reason.

It is composed of eight components. Please click on the diagram for more information on each component.

    1. State your goals and define your business process in the Design Shop.

    2. Configure Sajus Agents to collect information from your existing systems.

    3. Use Sajus Forms to collect data on your manual processes.

    4. Sajus Goal Monitor informs you of exactly where you are and are not achieving your goals.

    5. Sajus Reports identifies each road block that is preventing you from achieving your goals, as well as reporting the valuable information you need to manage your business.

    6. Sajus Simulator allows you to test different alternatives for removing roadblocks. You see how each change affects the overall process, so you can always choose the optimal solution.

    7. When the optimal solution is automation, Sajus Automator helps you automate your work flow.

    8. When the optimal solution is process reengineering, optimize your process in Design Shop.

    9. Continuous improvement. Set more aggressive goals, or define additional goals, and return to Step 3.

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