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Sajus BPM Suite is developed entirely in Java based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology. It is a robust, platform independent system built on the best industry standards for distributed, multi-tiered enterprise applications. Sajus BPM Suite components will run on any operating system supporting Java and work with any database supporting JDBC.

Sajus Server is the core of the suite, housing a model of your business processes. It is responsible for correlating information among SajusAgents and SajusForms, centralizing business process performance metrics.

Sajus Server makes understanding information about your most important business processes fast and simple.


Sajus Server is built using an Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) component model. It executes on any EJB 2.0 compliant application server. The EJB compliant platform offers a robust environment that supports a wide array of de facto industry standards in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML), Web Services (Simple Object Access Protocol – SOAP), and J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA). Compliance to these standards is the key to successful integration with Enterprise Information Systems (EIS).

In addition to platform independence, Sajus BPM Suite 5.1 is also database independent. The Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) interface allows the use of any industry-standard database that supports JDBC: MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and others.

Communication among distributed Sajus BPM Suite 5.1 components is based on the Java RMI system, Java Messaging Service (JMS), or both depending on configuration and specific solution requirements. Sajus BPM Suite 5.1 also seamlessly communicates over existing messaging and communications buses.

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