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There can be multiple reasons why you can't run your business the way you need to.

One reason that you find it difficult to achieve all your goals may be because your goals are contradictory. For example, you may want to improve customer satisfaction, while simultaneously lowering the cost of customer service calls.

Changes to one aspect of your business process may affect others. For example, outsourcing may lower costs, but also decreased quality.

Don't guess. Don't get frustrated. Use Sajus Simulator to explore all the possibilities and choose the best possible solution.

Sajus Simulator can answer questions like:

     If Internet sales increased 25%, should I hire temporary or permanent warehouse help?

     Will outsourcing save me money or cost me more in the long-term?

     What effect will switching to a lower-cost supplier have on other aspects of my business?

     Should I invest in new capital equipment or invest in increasing throughput?

     When do I need to order Christmas products, in order to have the items in store by October 15?

     Is it possible to lower service costs, while also increasing customer satisfaction?

Sajus has extremely powerful simulation capabilities. It allows you to answer extremely difficult questions and choose between multiple alternatives. For more information, please request our simulation white paper.

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