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:: Sajus BPM Suite 6.1: Sajus Goal Monitor

Sajus BPM Suite 6.1 has a unique ability to monitor your entire business process, regardless of the underlying disparate systems or manual steps.

Sajus Goal Monitor tells you how you are doing.

Green means you’re achieving your goals. Yellow, you’re in danger of failing. Red means that you’ve failed.

You can be notified via email, hand held or other supported devices.

Sajus monitors both specific, operational problems and process-wide problems.

As an example of an operational problem, Sajus will warn you each time you are in danger of failing to reach a specific goal, like a delivery date for a specific customer.

As an example of a process-wide problem, Sajus will show you where you add most of your costs and where most of your delays occur. Sajus BPM Suite quantifies the cost of each problem, and help you solve each problem in order of importance.


Sajus Goal Monitor is based on Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Applets technology that allows authorized remote access via web browser: a platform independent approach.

The end-user can obtain access with any web enabled device that supports Java, including: wireless PDAs, cell phones, laptops, or desktops.

Because Sajus Goal Monitor is standards based, it can be implemented using any OS that supports Java and has browser capabilities.

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