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Sajus BPM Suite 6.1 is a flexible solution that protects your existing technology investments. Sajus Agents deploy throughout your system, gathering all relevant data about your business processes. They also facilitate communication between the eight components of Sajus BPM Suite 6.1.

They are light weight and platform independent.


Sajus Agents reside on any device with network access supporting JRE 1.4 and have connectivity to Sajus Server. Sajus Agents communicate vital information about the status of process instances and network devices to Sajus Server. They are able to initiate communications and receive commands from Sajus Server or any other agent. Furthermore, they can trigger events based either on their scheduler, or the results of data analysis. Types of events that can be triggered include: corrective actions, data collection, alert notification, or other requested activity.

SajusAgents support multiple interfaces capable of interacting with many sources of data (JMS, RMI, JDBC and JCE to name a few), with embedded schedulers and communications logic. They can work either locally, that is on the same physical machine as the processes they are monitoring, or can be configured to monitor systems remotely from a host machine networked to the target machine. A single agent can monitor and manage as many processes as required.

Firms can also use SajusAgents for custom work. The flexible and modular design makes SajusAgents easily extendable to accomplish almost anything. Communications are secure and easy to manage. The built-in scheduler, analytics engine and mediation tools can be easily leveraged. SajusAgents are able to operate alone or work with other agents, for information exchange, responsibility handoff, fail-over, and logical requirements.

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