• Sell what you want to sell – supports complicated products, services, and subscription-based orders

  • Reduce call centre and administrative costs through customer self care portal

  • Increase competitive advantage through ease of adding new & unique product/service offerings

  • Who's Using Sajus?

    Companies such as:

  • Rogers

  • Yak Communications

  • Stryker

The order management process should allow customer service reps to focus on relationships and selling, not paperwork or cumbersome systems.

Sajus believes that a company and its customers are best served by effectively taking and tracking an order through its lifecycle. That means that when a customer places an order and has a certain expectation, that expectation is fulfilled. Furthermore, the company expects timely payment, and certainly that expectation must be fulfilled as well.

SajusAssure™ Order Management

Sajus ComplianceAssureTM works with your existing system(s) to:

  • Captures orders via customer service reps or via customers themselves online
  • Eliminates paper forms
  • Automates and simplifies complicated order management workflow
  • Ensures order accuracy
  • Real-time order status
  • Data stored for sales forecasting and cross-selling promotions

  • Sample Screenshot

    Sajus Technologies is a provider of customizable order-through-cash solutions for mid-sized and larger organizations. We use our proven SajusAssure™ line of products to streamline the process of receiving orders, provisioning products and services, billing customers, monitoring performance, and tracking issues.

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