• Powerful rules engine and templates enable quick addition of and changes to offerings and promotions - increasing competitiveness

  • Affords companies the ability to manage unique pricing arrangements

  • Allows a company to bill the way marketing wants to bill

  • Who's Using Sajus?

    Companies such as:

  • Rogers

  • Yak Communications

  • Stryker

The billing process is the
lifeblood of any organization

Businesses with complex billing requirements are in a position to gain competitive advantage through arming themselves with sophisticated billing capabilities. Companies who can meet customers’ billing expectations, rapidly launch new products and services, and handle any promotion that marketing dreams up are at a significant advantage to increase market share.

SajusAssure™ Billing Features

  • Track and collect metered data
  • Automatically flag and log exceptions in the billing process
  • Complex contract management
  • Advanced recurring fee billing support
  • Integrates with in house systems
  • Produce management reports
  • Supports tiered & stepped pricing, volume/usage based pricing, discounts, promotions, backward/forward proration, future pricing considerations

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    Sajus Technologies is a provider of customizable order-through-cash solutions for mid-sized and larger organizations. We use our proven SajusAssure™ line of products to streamline the process of receiving orders, provisioning products and services, billing customers, monitoring performance, and tracking issues.

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