Article demonstrates value of a monitor it first, goal-based BPM approach

Mississauga, ON, November 15, 2004 - Sajus Technologies Inc. (, the leading provider of goal-based Business Process Management (BPM) solutions and its customer AIC, has been featured in the November 15, 2004 issue of CIO Magazine (

Entitled “A New Glue Or The Old Soft Shoe?”, the article explores and demonstrates the value of a goal-based BPM approach.

Author Ben Worthen writes, “Canadian mutual fund company AIC used BPM monitoring software from Sajus to speed up its process for updating clients' accounts whenever there is a transaction. AIC is Canada's largest privately held mutual fund company with approximately $12 billion in assets under management.

“Traditionally, customer transactions would sit in a queue on the mainframe, waiting for a nightly update to AIC's shareholder management system. That meant AIC financial advisers were not able to see the most recent transactions when they logged on to AIC's Web-based customer portfolio management system.

“CIO Joe Sferrazza thought the advisers should have this information, so he built a Web service that updates the client's account in real-time on the customer portfolio management system that the advisers use. The mainframe is still updated nightly, and the client's account information in the portfolio management system is rectified against the master database on the mainframe.

“Sferrazza uses the Sajus software to make sure that all of this goes off without a hitch. The BPM software monitors the process and when it spots a problem it sends an alert to the appropriate person to fix it, rather than waiting for a person to detect the glitch the next time they look at the customer's portfolio. Without the built-in monitoring, Sferrazza would have no guarantee that the automated processes are being properly execute

“AIC experiences are proving that a goal-based approach is a more effective way of looking at organizational processes for today’s competitive environment,” says Sajus Technologies president and CEO Steven Clarke. “Most BPM vendors allow organizations to automate a process then monitor it, assuming that automation will solve process problems. But this method often does not prove effective and it’s very risky. Our goal-based BPM philosophy first identifies business process problems by effective, on-going monitoring and then provides the tools to provide the optimal solution for each problem.

“Very few software vendors can provide the monitoring and measurement capabilities of our software solution, Sajus BPM Suite 5.1,” adds Clarke. “All BPM vendors can automate workflow. It's the ‘measure first’ (regardless of your existing technology) then automate (without replacing your existing technology) philosophy that makes the Sajus solution superior, enabling faster implementation and faster time to ROI.”

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Sajus Technologies Inc. is the leading provider of goal-based Business Process Management (BPM) software and services. Sajus BPM Suite 5.1 is running in customer locations worldwide. It identifies all the reasons a company can't run its business the way it needs to and provides the optimal solution for each reason. Better Business Process Management helps Sajus customers: solve their most urgent problems, improve customer service and increase competitive advantage. Sajus, headquartered in Mississauga Ontario, is privately held, profitable and growing. Visit them at

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