Enterprise Software To Manage Business as a Complex System: Organic Platforms

Mississauga, ON, October 25, 2004 - Sajus Technologies Inc. (, the leading provider of goal-based Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, examines the concept of organic platforms as a way to manage complex systems within the enterprise at the 2004 Conference On Emerging Issues and Technology, October 28th in Myrtle Beach, SC.

“Business is evolving faster than ever and the enterprise software systems are having difficulty coping with the speed of change,” says Sajus Vice President, Research & Development Cuneyt Karul. “My address examines business as a complex system and introduces a new organic approach to develop and support enterprise solutions for businesses who want to excel in today’s competitive environment.”

Karul’s presentation discusses how goal-based business process management can address some of the most important issues in today’s business environment: adapting to changes quickly, shortening automated work flow implementation time and being able to introduce and take advantage of uncertainty in daily enterprise operation.

“Goal-based BPM enables an organization to see an entire business process across divisions, systems, geographies and supply chains,” adds Karul. “It is top down. It starts with an organization’s most important business goals and pinpoints obstacles and opportunities in the associated business processes. Using built-in tools, organizations can remove the obstacles and improve the process.”

The Sajus goal-based approach allows organizations to monitor and measure the success of business processes according to stakeholder-based goals, regardless of whether the process is manual, automated, or both. Then, it rapidly, automates workflow and integrates disparate systems so an organization can achieve and exceed its goals.

“We are excited to be presenting at this prestigious event sponsored by the College of Business and Technology, Western Illinois University,” says Karul. “This is an excellent opportunity to get the word out to a blue-chip audience about the “organic platform” concept and how businesses can use BPM to increase productivity and ROI.”

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Sajus Technologies Inc. is the leading provider of goal-based Business Process Management (BPM) software and services. Sajus BPM Suite 5.1 is running in customer locations worldwide. It identifies all the reasons a company can't run its business the way it needs to and provides the optimal solution for each reason. Better Business Process Management helps Sajus customers: solve their most urgent problems, improve customer service and increase competitive advantage. Sajus, headquartered in Mississauga Ontario, is privately held, profitable and growing. Visit them at

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