Canadian Roof Management Inc. Selects Sajus' Business Process Management Solution

~ Sajus Technologies' EMI solution provides enterprise-wide management of end-to-end business processes in real-time~

Mississauga, ON, July 30, 2003 - Sajus Technologies Inc. (, a provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced Canadian Roof Management Inc. of Toronto has implemented Sajus EMI. This advanced BPM suite dramatically improves the company's contact centre service levels and provides its employees with real-time status of the customer service process, and any particular customer order at any time.

Canadian Roof Management - a medium-sized enterprise providing roofing repair and services to the industrial and commercial sectors - is using Sajus EMI to automate and monitor its client contract centre and customer service agreements, work scheduling and dispatching, billing and invoice processes, as well as its sales cycle. The company, founded in 1969, specializes in building and servicing flat roofs, ranging from shopping mall roofs to industrial roofs throughout southern Ontario.

Roofing repair is typically a manual and highly competitive vertical, heavily reliant on customer calls for emergency roofing repairs and general servicing. By deploying the Sajus EMI suite, Canadian Roof Management is better equipped to monitor key performance indicators related to its customer service process, and in so doing, preventing customer service issues before they become problems.

"We could receive anywhere from 100 to 300 service calls a day, depending on the weather and the time of year. There are a number of ways those customer calls are received at our office - e-mail, phone and fax," says Jeff Norman, Chief Financial Officer of Canadian Roof Management. "After an emergency customer call came in and the service technician was dispatched to conduct a temporary repair, the follow-up process was very manual. We needed something to organize and monitor the process, but previous software packages we looked at would not conform to our unique way of doing business. Sajus EMI automates much of the process and ensures that follow-ups are handled in a timely manner."

By deploying Sajus EMI, Norman adds, "Canadian Roof Management will likely experience an estimated 12 per cent increase in revenue as well as a sharp decrease in response time. Most importantly though, the company is better positioned to achieve greater customer satisfaction than ever before.

"We want to focus 24/7 on our business - allowing our customers to track the status of their repairs, what the cost of that repair is, and when the work will be completed," he says. "We used to have up to six paper copies for one work order to address various elements of the repair, and we'd be lucky to be able to service those customers within two to three days. With Sajus EMI, we're able to have those six hard copies compressed into one file. We can now respond to our customer calls within 24 hours, giving them an accurate picture of what needs to be done."

As a pure business process management solution, Sajus EMI enables companies to monitor key performance indicators across all critical business processes, taking immediate and appropriate action in the event of inadequate performance. Sajus EMI supports IT's critical role in an organizations' unique and challenging business processes. The software suite consists of several modules available as standalone components or as part of a comprehensive, distributed BPM solution as deployed by Canadian Roofing Management.

"Canadian Roof Management is entirely focused on customer service and it's tough to pinpoint work scheduling and billing in a timely fashion, given the nature of their business," says Steven Clarke, president and CEO of Sajus Technologies. "There are a lot of places where communication can break down - from the time a customer call comes in, to when the crew is dispatched to repair the roofing problem to the billing stage. Sajus EMI will improve Canadian Roof Management's overall operational efficiencies, with its customer service call process being the starting point."

Sajus EMI enables any large- or medium-sized organization to monitor, measure, and improve business processes and ensure they're working for the best interests of the company, its customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders. This solution is the basis for the agile enterprise, fostering a state of continuous business improvement.

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