Sajus™ Technologies Introduces an Integrated, Scalable, Platform Independent Enterprise Management and Intelligence Application.

Mississauga, ON, June 19, 2002 - Sajus Technologies Inc. [], a new company offering IT infrastructure management and business intelligence solutions to enterprises, today announced and defined its solutions offerings. Sajus’ solutions are built around a new software application, SAJUS EMI.

According to Steven Clarke, President of Sajus, “We believe we have products and services that will meet a number of needs in a very large marketplace. Our solutions are appropriate for any company who depends on IT, but we see real growth in tapping into the developing Web Services market, and the rapidly growing xSP market. Our product helps companies save money through automated infrastructure management and business intelligence solutions. Further, we help companies generate new revenue streams through xSP compliant business intelligence that can be resold. In general, we help our customers gain competitive advantage through control over the information flowing between them, their suppliers, and their customers.”

SAJUS EMI touches a number of areas including fraud management, data consolidation, security, performance management, and service management. Sajus has developed sophisticated data mining and analytics pieces that are effectively leveraged to handle these multiple areas. “Essentially, the low level data we collect to handle infrastructure management, is collected in the same way as data needed for business intelligence. Our software modules have been designed so that organizations can very quickly manage new services or track information about those services”, states co-founder Andriy Tsybulsky.

About Sajus Technologies
Sajus Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software and services. Sajus BMP Suite 4.1 is running in customer locations around the world. It allows customers to define, see, monitor, intervene, automate, measure and improve business processes. Better Business Process Management helps Sajus customers: solve their most urgent problems, improve customer service and increase competitive advantage. Sajus, headquartered in Mississauga Ontario, is privately held, profitable and growing. Visit them at

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