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Large Telecom manufacturer chooses Sajus for Global Inventory Management process automation and monitoring (10/12/2005)

Sajus Technologies' Customer AIC Featured in CIO Magazine (11/15/2004)

Sajus Technologies Delivers Major Presentation at 2004 Conference on Emerging Issues and Technology (10/25/2004)

Sajus Technologies Retaines Senior Financial Services Executive John Packwood to Lead Sector Growth (10/15/2004)

Sajus Technologies Delivers Goal-Based Business Process Management Philosophy to Market (07/19/2004)

80 Percent of Enterprises Using BPM Will Experience an Internal Rate of Return Better than 15 Percent (06/07/2004)

Sajus Introduces Mr. Stan Fedetsov (05/10/2004)

FundSERV Inc. Invests in Sajus Technologies' BPM Suite (03/28/2004)

Sajus Moves (02/01/04)

Sajus Partners with LSM Consulting (10/22/03)

Canadian Roof Mgmt Selects Sajus (07/30/03)

Sajus Appoints Sacke and Associates (07/25/03)

Catharsis Chooses Sajus EMI (03/24/03)

ZWCX Chooses Sajus EMI (02/10/03)

Cuneyt Karul joins Sajus (02/03/03)

Mark Whitten joins Sajus (10/21/02)

Sajus Introduces Matthew Smith (10/01/02)

Echo Online Chooses SAJUS EMI (08/07/02)

Bohdan Valentovic joins Sajus(07/15/02)

Sajus Introduces EMI Product(06/19/02)


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