:: Our Vision

Exceptional customer service and product quality in business world-wide.

:: Our Mission

To help our customers improve customer service and achieve their most important goals through Goal-based Business Process Management solutions.

:: Our Corporate Tenets


A business is a network of processes.

Our products and services help our customers constantly improve their unique business processes, so they can solve their most pressing problems and achieve their most important goals.


Quality is the goal: the end result of a successful business practice.

Everything we do is designed to help us, and our customers, produce quality products and services.


Simplicity is crucial to a successful business process.

People’s jobs shouldn’t be complicated and frustrating: neither should their tools or their processes.


Change is constant.

Business processes must change. Sajus must change. We must change so that we can help our customers become more agile and flexible.


We believe that you do not need to take one step backward, while taking two steps forward. We can achieve multiple goals at the same time. Greater automation can lead to improved flexibility. We can move faster, while improving quality. We can improve our customer service, while also increasing our profits. We can make a business process more structured, while simultaneously giving individual employees more freedom.

We are always learning, yet always executing.

We help our customers do the same.

Customer Service

Our idea of customer service extends beyond our customer to their goals.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve, or exceed, their most important business goals.


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